Daily Fifteen: Day two, rant and rave

Thankfully, NOT my bus...

I’m writing this on a bus. Not my preferred location for my daily fifteen minutes of writing, but it will do. In fact, with no kids, no husband, free coffee and snacks–it may be just about the perfect zone for today. But I’ve been up since 4:30 AM and my head is foggy. I checked in with work and that stressed me out too. Another story for another day/blog.

My inclination is to whine and rant and rave at times like this. To go on and on about how this sucks, and that’s lame. But since I’ve got fifteen minutes, I’m deciding to make it count. I’ve been thinking about queries to magazines and how to make the freelance thing happen. I want to see if I can get into THAT zone, by golly. I’ve got a resource (you all know it, Writer’s Market), but haven’t even cracked the site yet. I’m scared. Did I mention fear in my first post? Oh, and I also hate typing on a laptop…

 But it’s a mighty short list, the things I know about and could pitch:

  • Cooking and food
  • Event planning
  • Postpartum depression (yeah, sucks, but true)
  • PR  and marketing
  • Psychology

I’m not an expert in all, but then again, are all parenting writers the best, most experienced parents around? Probably not. So I need to get out of the rant and rave mindset. Wah, wah, wah — I’m not experienced enough! (throw laptop across room and stamp feet repeatedly)

Some ideas (which would almost all require research of some kind):

  • Postpartum depression and suicide: warning signs and symptoms; how shame plays a role in covering up deep depression; gender roles and why women feel they must hide their problems at all costs.
  •  Tips and Tricks: How to throw a dinner party from scratch without the stress; get all the food to the table hot and ready to eat.
  • Small business PR that works: where to spend your limited resources

Ugh, not much percolating up there today. Well, at least that’s my fifteen minutes.

So, on this Monday, as Max Ehrmann would say: “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste…” Ah, I love the Desiderata. Thank you, Max, for being you.

But while you’re being placid, do you have any good ideas, tips, etc. for getting the creative juices flowing to come up with pitches for queries?


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