No, that’s the vulva…

True story:

A group of preschool age boys are eating lunch and talking about where babies come from. My son thinks he came from Mommy’s belly and his older brother came from Daddy’s. Childcare provider (who happens to have raised 4 children and is a preschool teacher), sets the record straight. Nope, babies only come from Mommy’s belly.

“How does the baby get out of her belly?” asks my son.

[A totally logical question.]

One boy pipes up, “It comes out of her vagina.”

“What’s a vagina?” asks my boy.

At this point, childcare provider chimes in. “It’s the place where a mommy pees.”

[Which, although not anatomically correct, is close enough for a lunch table conversation with preschoolers about childbirth.]

But the smallest, youngest boy at the table just cannot let this one slide.

“No, that’s the vulva,” he says.

[And now we know.]


2 thoughts on “No, that’s the vulva…

    1. Children are always surprising us with their innocent intelligence and humor. What a hoot…… and you captured the moment perfectly.

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