On A Casse-roll

Don't separate

It is too individualistic, the main dish side dish mantra.

There is no non-duality in not touching greens to beans,

Meat to potatoes.

If you, children, can’t see the entire universe in your bowl,

Then you are not eating the casserole.

Just this morning, about nine, I filled my bowl with everything.

With the energy of burned out stars and manure from the dairy farm down the road.

Healthy way to start my day: shredded wheat and raisins and milk and toasted almonds.

Banana chunks for good luck.

I ate it all. The cows in the milk, the corn silage in the cow.

The sun and water and petroleum in the raisins, the wheat, the farmer.

Now, tell me why those things cannot touch on your plate,

Can’t inter-be, interrelate?

You may have your reasons, but I won’t enable.

I won’t buy dishes with spaces for you to separate.


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